What We Do

At Marcu Electric, we specialize in comprehensive electrical solutions designed to power your world. From precise installations in residential spaces to intricate commercial projects, our skilled team ensures excellence at every turn. We tackle repairs with urgency and finesse, prioritizing safety and reliability. Smart, sustainable, and innovative, our services extend to energy-efficient upgrades and cutting-edge technology integration. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized service, Marcu Electric illuminates your space with expertise. Discover the difference of a dedicated team shaping electrical solutions for today and tomorrow. Your vision, our power – Marcu Electric, where excellence meets efficiency.

Residential Services

Elevates home safety with expert electrical solutions.

Commercial Services

Empowers businesses with efficient, tailored electrical systems.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Drives industrial productivity through robust electrical infrastructure.

Lighting Upgrades

Elevate your space with cutting-edge lighting upgrades for style, efficiency, and radiant transformations. Choose brilliance

Install A Ceiling Fan

Advance comfort with our Ceiling Fan Installation. Efficient, stylish, and expertly installed for your breezy home upgrade

Backup Generators

Ensure power continuity with Marcu Electric’s Backup Generators. Reliable solutions for uninterrupted energy supply. Depend on us for peace of mind

Wiring Upgrades

Enhance safety and efficiency with Marcu Electric’s Wiring Upgrade. Modernize your space with our expert electrical solutions

LED Lighting

Illuminate brilliance with Marcu Electric’s LED Lighting. Energy-efficient, vibrant solutions for a brighter, eco-friendly space

Insurance Inspections

Trust Marcu Electric for thorough Insurance Inspections. Ensure safety and compliance for your peace of mind